I’ll just say it right off – It was…a w e s o m e!! No joke. Audrey, if you want to celebrate your anniversary every weekend, that would be a-okay! (Happy 8 years!!)

Saturday I got to watch my nephews for 8 hours! It was the day Teddy B decided he was not only ok with being in the same room as me, but that we were the best of friends! I was on cloud nine.


Play-doh was the activity of choice for the evening. At least 50 percent of the afternoon was spent quietly chatting away like little adults whilst smashing colorful dough into pancakes.


“The twins.” Sure they look a bit similar, but we call them the twins, because literally everything else about them is the same. ^ That last photo of A is totally me as a one year old. Freaky.


The ‘babies’ didn’t care much for Play-doh, coloring was their cup of tea. They too chatted away like little adults, and responded to each others gibberish with full understanding.


Watching the kitty sleep in the sun on the deck. telling each other how cute he is.

^ These two are also twins. Even as infants they were pretty much the same person. Samuel is more stubborn at times (but not for ‘Aunt Jake’ – score!!), but I think that just comes with being a boy.


“Oooh, look, a fresh not-so-cheap Moleskin notebook! I should scribble on each page…”

You’ll notice I took a photo instead of stopping her. Lists are so much more fun to write over scribbles. Any sign my kids have been somewhere is a good one!


These three are inseparable. Penelope and Leo are best friends, but Penelope and Samuel never go anywhere without each other.


^  Mesmerized by Daniel Tiger  ^

The kids also chased each other through the house about 42 times, they made five big messes (with toys) in the living room and cleaned all of them up on their own, the bigger kids went potty all by themselves, and everyone ate their supper, well Black Beauty ate most of Teddy’s off the deck. :)

Part two tomorrow will be about our time outside!

* It took them 8 hours to watch a movie and eat supper because we live far away from any decent place to go on a date. Zack and I wait until we are in St. Peters before we go on a date for this very reason.

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