After a couple weeks of back and forth, we decided to spend the long weekend away from home. I am so glad we did. Now that we are home, I see four thousand projects we could have done here instead, but it was a good  weekend! The girls were able to get a lot of time with Grandma Shari – which may just be Penelope’s favorite thing on earth. Even Amelia whined, “Grandma?!?!” (rather, ‘maumau’) as we pulled away beginning our journey home. Grandma is good for the soul.


My nephew had his fourth birthday party, and his dad surprised him! After not seeing him in person for months, it was no doubt his favorite gift. Leo is Penelope’s favorite person and she, his. She tells me this all the time. They are best friends.

Did I mention it was an ice cream party?? Toddler heaven. –and no one spilled their bowls!! Clean clothes and clean floors!

On a sad note, however, Samuel called me “Aunt Jade.” I realize this is my name, but I hope he returns back to calling me ‘Jake.’ It was the cutest. Maybe you could work on that, Audrey?


Monday we made a (quick) plan to visit Costco for lunch and browsing. Sadly, they were closed. We went to the mall instead, walked around a bit and ate some good food at Max & Erma's – with Sadie Boo!


My mom brought Penelope some rocks from the Oregon coast!


Before we left for home we met up with my parents at a park. These girls don’t miss a beat and always remember their grandparents. That makes me so happy! It’s always nice to be remembered. Needless to say, they didn’t want to leave the park, or their grandparents. Penelope got real silly during the goodbyes, and went full on goob for Grandpa.

We have a packed September. It is all jumbled in my brain, and I really should get it down on paper. –Also, Penelope’s first day of school went well! Hooray!!


  1. Omg new rocks,she must be thrilled!

  2. So thrilled! She guards them from Amelia, and has hired me as her second pair of eyes. :)


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