Usually, the girls wake up, brush their teeth and go potty, while I clean the kitchen (if it needs it). I know I should get better about cleaning the kitchen at night before bed…someday. After they’re cleaned up, they sit at either the dining room table or the kitchen table and color, talk, or ^ like above- play with the iPad (so long as they share it). Oatmeal is a pretty regular breakfast around here. My girls enjoy hot cereals, but aren’t too fond of milk, so I avoid cold cereal unless we’re out of everything else. Pancakes are the favorite.


After breakfast, I vacuum, and tidy up a bit while they get on shoes – or boots, who am I kidding. We all know they pick boots every time.

First thing we do outside, is feed Black Beauty and Maple. Maple enjoys the cat food more than her own. Even if the cat ate all of his food, Maple has to lick the crumbs.


Maple’s face is dirty, and it makes her look so sad. :(

One of these days I’ll give her a bath…but not today.


My gardener. She finds plucking tomatoes oh so fun. She does not like tomatoes, but insists on biting into one (to see if they’ve become delicious?) every time we go to the garden. She takes a bite, enough to break the skin, and then brings it to the chickens. They love  tomatoes!!

We head over to the garden / swing set before the sun comes out and makes the slide hot. Penelope darts for the slide, and Amelia likes to check for goodies at the garden with me. Some times she picks stuff that isn’t quite ripe. Its all good though, the chickens will eat anything. :)


He knows how to get in high places but has no idea how to get down…or is scared.


After I’m done watching them play (‘cause you know they’re never going to be done on their own!), we feed the chickens and check for eggs.


We bought some ceramic eggs, in hopes we could trick the hens into laying eggs. Two days in and still no eggs. We’re pretty bummed.


Next, we EXPLORE and run run run!! This is when I typically take photos of our time outside. We might go outside later in the day, but I only bring the camera out in the morning.


^  Can’t wait to start this bad boy up!!  ^


The girls get about 20 minutes on the porch before we head back in to finish cleaning, begin school work, and get a snack.

I look forward to our mornings. Certainly a happy place to be. Well, if no one is cranky. :)

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