We finally found Maple after a week of her being gone. She will be an inside dog until we can find another home for her. That being said, we decided to eat our cookies on the porch so sad, begging animals wouldn’t be an issue.

I thought, “Sure, our cat likes vegetables, popcorn, fruit, pancakes, and Ramen, but what are the chances it likes pumpkin spice cookies?”

…a 100 percent chance.




Amelia was petting BB from tail to head. Penelope told her, “Don’t do that, you’ll make her crazy!!”  :)


“Mia, you don’t have to wear boots! See! I’m not wearing any.”

Telling Amelia not to wear boots is a waste of breath. She wears them unless she is sleeping. The other day I put some Ked-like shoes on her, and she tried to fit boots on over them.


^  Fresh radiator behind that lovely lady!!  ^


After our snack, Black Beauty cleaned up the mess, and the girls became silly. Penelope did hammock aerobics, and Amelia played see how high you can splash hot chocolate. Not my favorite game, but I could tell it was one of hers.

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