I can’t believe it is already Friday! I could’ve sworn yesterday when I dropped Penelope off at school, that it was Tuesday. By all means, “Hooray!” –it’s just, if I didn’t take photos every day I wouldn’t have a clue what went into the past five days! I’ll take that as a sign of a great week.

Looking over photos, we’ve been busy!

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Sunday, we made Chili, took it to the park and followed supper up with a bike ride. It was cold, and I didn’t wear proper clothes, but it was a very enjoyable evening! We even saw five deer, practically with in grabbing distance, or at least petting distance!

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Zack has been filling his free time (when he gets some!) with bathroom and truck fixin’.

image (13)c

Zack sent me this photo yesterday. His students made sculptures of what they assumed his family was like. :) The bearded children crack me up! If my girls have to have facial hair, I sure am glad it’s orange! I guess we also have a giant cat, a tiny bear, and I am a very small person with brown eyes? Close enough!


Two weeks of preschool under her sparkly pink belt of experience!

Tuesday she spent the entire car ride home telling me every detail of the story of Joseph! (even the jealous brothers and the big hole Joseph was thrown into!)

“Caring” is a big lesson they learn about daily. The other night Penelope wanted to play dolls with Zack and I. We said, “Okay, what should we do?” She responded, “Lets pretend they are caring for each other!”

My heart of course melted into a big puddle of mush. After mopping it up, we pretended our dolls were very caring and kind.


I set up a reading area for the girls using our old crib mattress, and Zack bumped it up a notch by renovating it into a fort. The girls and I added homey touches, like a welcome mat and a “door.” It’s definitely the coolest place in the house and the ultimate nap destination!


Penelope skipped her nap on Thursday and helped me clean. We burned fall scented candles, and listened to soft music. It was lovely.


Chores without pants. Well, I wore pants…

image (4)j

Thursday, when I picked up Zack from school, we went out and got some warm cookies and hot chocolate to take to the park. The temperature hadn’t made it past 60o all day, so we bundled up! It was awesome!

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Somehow I don’t believe this is “gourmet.” It was mighty good hot chocolate though.

SIZEimage (8)nimage (9)jimage (10)jimage (11)j

We took our time, fed the fish, sat on a bench and savored our treats, and Zack and the girls skipped back to the car.

Happy surprise Friday! Hope you all enjoy your weekend!

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