Last Thursday Rae and I went to Staples to print off posters for our mantle (fun fun!!). She got to pick out a sucker at the register. :) Afterwards, we walked around Walmart for about an hour, and looked at stuff. We left with an empty cart (score for Mama!). After deep cleaning our house for P’s party I couldn’t bring myself to let more stuff into the house…

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Speaking of letting more stuff into the house, on our way to pick up P from preschool, we stopped by an antique store and picked up a party dress for her and a book for A.  She spent at least five minutes holding the book in various positions while looking at herself in the mirror. Have to make sure she’ll look great while reading this book. She totally did. Hot stuff.

She also wanted every doll she saw along the way, but a $1 book totally beats a $10 doll…in my wallet’s opinion.

Next week we will be doing some grocery shopping and party prep. – but hopefully some park and treats will be fit into there as well!    :)

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