Today was the first time I used my camera (or phone for pictures) in a week!! That is a big deal for me. Naturally I had to take way  too many photos of A eating a cookie. :)

I decided to go big with my alone time with Amelia today. We started with a giant cookie for breakfast ( a bear claw for me, which A stole when she finished her cookie). Aside from Walmart, grocery stores, and Panera, nothing really opens around here until 10, so we had our treat first, and enjoyed our hour talking and smiling at each other. She is so precious.

image (12)j

She got to pick what she wanted from the glass case. She took her time making her choice, and seems to have a much easier time making a decision that her mama.

SIZE6SIZE11SIZE10image (6)j

She enjoyed taking her time plucking the M&Ms out of the cookie, and giggled at the site of an empty crater.

SIZE7image (8)j

Cookie carcass. At this point she moved on to Mama’s choice. It was too much sweetness for me anyway. I was just in it for the almonds. ;)


After Panera, we went ‘shopping’ at JC Penny. This lady is so much fun to shop with!


Accessories is by far her favorite area to shop in. She does it up big.


“Owl, awwwe.,  Owl.”

_MG_8478j_MG_8494jimage (10)j

We had so much fun!  ^  She fell asleep on the way to pick up Penelope.  ^  Could she be any cuter??

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