Penelope turns four next week, and her party is today. I am ready for four, and I am so excited to see how she will grow and change this year. I took her ‘four year’ pictures earlier in the week, since it was a beautiful day. She wanted to look like Snow White, and she definitely feels like a princess in her party dress! We took a casual walk around the yard and I snapped some photos. I have never had to tell her to pose, or request that she do so, all of these photos are taken with no direction – I am constantly amazed by this girl. She is looking more and more like a blend of her Aunt Sarah and I, I wonder how her looks will change this year…


Right now she is really in to horses, princesses, and school. She sings along to every song she hears, even if she has never heard it before. She helps me with everything, has such a good heart, and she sees the beauty in everything, from a broken acorn shell on the ground, to a sparkly pair of shoes.


^  “Where’s my kitty?”  ^


^  Kitty showed up  ^


Happy Birthday Miss Mae! I love you. I love you. I love you.


  1. oh, she is absolutely beautiful!
    what cute pictures of your birthday girl!!


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