I woke up Wednesday morning not expecting much for my birthday, but Zack had made me a nice hot breakfast – aaaand the girls were up and fed!!


He could’ve stopped there, but he surprised me with a framed comic book cover based on his view of me. He thinks so highly of me and never ever lets me think or feel differently. Ten years after we met, and we’re still best friends!


^  Penelope wanted to take a photo. :)  ^


When Zack got home from work we packed a picnic and drove out to a bike trail in town.


I can’t get over the colors of autumn. I’ve always enjoyed the fact that my birthday falls in, well, fall. – and I’m glad to live in a place where I can enjoy a ‘true fall.’ The colors, crispness, excuse to snuggle (as if I need another one…), and always  being able to comfortably enjoy the outdoors.


^  Ahhhh, my real birthday gift.  ^


The girls got to feel moss, climb rocks, and experience the vibrant colors of fall.  Penelope found out the pale moss “is not as comfty”  as the other moss.


Penelope wanted a picture of the railroad tracks. I also snagged her some large pink rocks!


We made it back to the car just before the sun “went to the bottom,” as Penelope would say.

When we came home, Zack and Penelope made Reeses cupcakes, P helped me blowout my candle, and we finished off the night with blog writing and movie watching.

Thank you everyone who called, sent me a text, and wrote a message on facebook. I definitely feel loved!!

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