This weekend our church held a fall festival. Zack was working and I didn’t want to go solo, so I invited my parents – they brought my nephews and we made a weekend out of it! A house full of kids is so much fun!! [ Especially when they all sleep through the night! :)  ]


^  Twins!  ^


^  ..speaking of twins…  ^

After church on Sunday, the kids and I played outside. I still find it adorable how fascinated kids are with chickens. Maybe it is all animals, and we just happen to only have chickens, but the boys watch them for ten minutes at a time, even though they just waddle around their tiny coop.


Teddy holds my hand and gifts me weeds. I think I just reached BFF status. :)


Apparently Daddy and Grandpa were supposed to hit the “8” on the far left. They were waaay  off.


Most of the time the kids played, but we squeezed some “Jake the Pirate” into the mix.


Silly faces! Amelia is looking at Grandpa in this photo. He wasn’t even making a silly face. Mia sure does love her Grandpa!!

Thanks for visiting! Same time next week?

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