It has been weeks since I did a round up of the “in-between” bits of our daily lives. I am finally getting back into the groove of taking pictures. I got into a funk for about a month, and it’s finally feeling fun again.


^  a wall in our dining room  ^

^ Those six little pumpkins, a cider scented candle, and a wreath on the door is a “fallsy” as our house is going to get this year. The yard makes up for my lack of oomph  though. I think every tree is getting in on the autumn rainbow action this year!


^ ^  Its been a while, so I thought I’d show a bit of our home.


At this point, half of the bathroom (the shower part) in now grouted. I’m hoping we can polish off the rest tonight, and get everything installed in time for A’s party in two weeks. In my mind that sounds totally doable, but it has taken a year and a half to get to this point, so I’m trying not to set myself a deadline.


Two weekends ago we took a trip to visit our best friends from college. Four years, and four daughters later, and we still felt right at home with them.


Zack pulled the poncho out of storage and we’ve all been taking turns enjoying it. Well, not Amelia. She won’t go anywhere near it. Weirdo.


Penelope has been getting some computer time after school work while Amelia and the boy I babysit squeeze in 3-4 hour naps. The girls are so adorable  playing Penelope’s piano. (She won’t let me call it a keyboard), and their singing skills have improved since she received it!

This week is full of babysitting, preschool, shopping, fall parties, bathroom construction, and trick-or-treating. I feel like this will be our last year trick or treating. We’ve gone to support Zack’s involvement in the community / schools (and because its what people do on October 31st), but this year I will be going solo, and since I don’t like Halloween and never have, I can’t justify going next year. They have costumes and are eager to go Friday, but next year I may not even bring it up. * Also, this article is very convicting.


  1. You don't have to celebrate if it's not your thing,noting wrong with that! I personally love Halloween but I come from a different culture stand point. Fall isn't and shouldn't be all about Halloween, it's not fair to those who don't celebrate. I'm not a huge fan of thanksgiving if you get down to the nitty gritty of the holiday but I do love Turkey.

  2. Thanks, Beth! I don't like candy, so I've never gotten into Halloween. Penelope is 1000% into candy though! :) I am SO ready to finish that bathroom. I think it is the first time I have really been impatient with something. Thanksgiving food is so good! My whole life I have taken a road trip to AL to my Grandma's house, and we would get a lot of Brasillian food in the mix, but this year she is coming to us! :)


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