The other day Amelia was napping and I decided to keep Penelope up to spend one on one time with me. It was the last warm[ish] day for a while, so we spent that time outside.


Our chickens haven’t laid any eggs in over a week, possibly two! I have no idea why, but we have tried just about everything to get them to lay again. Our next step will be putting a heat lamp in early. Any suggestions?


A week ago Zack took the girls outside to jump in a fresh pile of crunchy leaves. Later, Penelope and I went out so she could show me the pile – and of course jump in it again. She asked me to bring my camera so she could have some pictures of her in the pile!


What a cutie!!

It has been rainy here for a couple days, so the leaves are no longer crunchy. I hope we get one more good leaf pile before fall is over!

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