With the cold weather taking over and the daylight saying goodnight before supper each day, Zack and I are diving head first into hibernation mode. The girls on the other hand are sleeping less. I’m trying to convince them that sleep is good, but for the first time, their just not interested.

We’re coping with baking a heavy breakfast most mornings (2-3 hours earlier than we had been!), reading books by the fire until Mommy officially wakes up, yoga to warm up before activities (painting, television, games, and schoolwork), and keeping the girls in footy pajamas unless we leave the house – its so cold!!

image (3)_MG_0123jimage (2)

Amelia and I have been cleaning the house and playing educational games on the iPad together.

Oh, and squeezing in some driving lessons!

twoimage (1)

The weather has kept the high in the 30s. Burr. I am increasingly grateful for the fall scenery in town. Thanks for sticking around beautiful leaves!

image (13)j

aaaand,  we experienced the first snow of the season! It is very pretty, but way too cold for my liking.

oneimage (5)k

With the weather getting in the teens at night (and a cat-hungry German Shepard hanging out in our yard all day), we have brought Black beauty inside. He is loving it!!

Penelope and Zack have caught a bug. I believe they are all better now, I am praying Amelia and I don’t get it next! It was hard enough to watch one baby throw up,  :(

November has been full of sickness for the Rogers’ house. Surely we’ve caught enough things that we can start to get well…right?

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