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Fall was not kind to us. I am actually looking forward to winter (something that has never happened to me – ever!). Since we have been home from Thanksgiving break, things have been good here. We are getting back to our normal. We have been spending more of our time together. Together in quiet, quality time. For the past two months I was watching a little baby three days a week, and it took a lot of time away from my time with my girls. Penelope wasn’t schooled at home for those two months, and one of those months all four of us were sick. For the entire month.

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Just in the last three days, Penelope has finished half of a work book, nine puzzles, and we have made major progress in cleaning and organizing the house. We have also watched something Christmas related everyday. I know it is only December fourth, but so far it has been fun and rewarding.


We have been taking family drives again, Amelia has reached a new level of “What?!?! Really??? Uuuugh…” and somehow, also a new level of sweet. I haven’t been blogging, frankly because sick babies inst something I want to remember. Hopefully I will find the joy I once did in documenting our life for our girls, even if it is just Ploppy doing a puzzle!

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