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We have been waking up to dark and dreary rainy days all week. I am in a major nesting mood, but this rain has me taking more breaks on the couch than my early morning “lets do this!” attitude would have me take. I did half of the laundry this morning, which is a huge deal for me, so I’ll take it as a victory. :)

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Christmas Christmas ( ^ and turkey bums ^ ) everywhere! We add a bit more each day.

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Penelope is going to be in a Christmas program soon! She is going to be a star, with her best friend, Ella. Best little stars in Bethlehem! She is soooo into it! My parents are coming down to see her in action!!!

Based on how adorable she was at her first rehearsal last night, my heart may just explode at the site of her in a star costume proudly singing on stage with her friends, celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ! I would never have been so brave as to sing on stage in front of people as a four year old (Okay, or a 27 year old…). So proud of her!

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I am getting back into the habit of using my computer. Poor dusty old thing. I will be using my phone or my smaller camera for taking photos for a while (or a long while). My beloved thousand pound Canon is not behaving. It could be age, I have had it for a decade now. Someday (probably when the girls go off to college, if I’m being honest), we will replace it with a shiny fresh faced camera.

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A couple years ago, Zack got me a subscription to Women’s Health magazine, and I am still receiving them. This one had an informative article on women with fibromyalgia, lupus, and other related conditions. It is awful living with the symptoms that come with them. I started having symptoms when I was 16 living in Alabama one night while I was recovering from having my tonsils out. Since having Amelia my symptoms have become unignorable (made up word, I know. I’m sticking with it). I now want to sleep 24 hours a day, and in some sort of pain at any given moment of those 24 hours a day. I won’t go into more details of my situation, but if you think you have fibromyalgia or lupus, – or more importantly, if someone you love has it, I recommend reading the article in the December issue.

…or if you just want FIERCE ABS or ‘TOTAL BODY HOTNESS’! ;)

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The girls woke up early  today. Early. We had snack time by 8:00. Peppermint tea with honey, candy canes, and leftover brownies that Penelope made last night. Of course this was enjoyed while watching a Christmas movie! Can’t beat it.

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^ This is for you, Grandma! (aaaaalll of her grandmas.)  ^




She was in the bathroom for under a minute. - - I found unraveled toilet paper, a half empty tube of toothpaste and a chunk of Daddy’s deodorant gone – with evidence on her face, proving the missing bits were now in her tummy – and an abundance of other mess needing to be cleaned up.

Nothin’ says mouth watering like Old Spice. Am I right, or am I right?

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