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^  Rosie  ^

We did not officially get a new dog, but this precious lady has been hanging out on our porch for four days. She has no collar, and sleeps on a hay bale most of the day. Penelope has named her Rosie and has become very attached, so I hope she sticks around. If she is still here after Christmas I think we’ll bring her in for the winter.

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We are in major spring winter cleaning mode. I am aiming for a ‘fresh’ home in time for the new year.

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Penelope recently received a large case of black olives from someone who took note of how much she enjoys them. Just like her mama, she can easily eat a can a day. She took this photo one day while she ate / played with some.


She is getting so good at writing, knowing and understanding letters and numbers (even simple addition!). I can tell her a letter and she knows how to right it (unless it is a ‘V’- too simular to a ‘U’). She wants to write every word.  I love her interest in learning so much!!!!

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Painting, baking, and Christmas books have filled the moments between cleaning. Thankfully it has been gloomy and cold outside (I will never say that  again!) so I haven't been bothered by having to stay indoors for over a week.

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Zack’s grandparents gave the girls Elf on the Shelf, and we have had to much fun with it. Since we aren’t telling the girls that Santa is anything but imaginary, the girls know that we hide him (sometimes more than once a day), and Penelope even hides it for Zack every now and then.

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^  because I am not in enough pictures…and they had messy faces :)

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Penelope had her first dentist appointment!! Amelia sat next to her the entire time, and they both thoroughly enjoyed their first visit!

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^ ^ ^  The cherry on top of a full week! Zack and I received this catalog in the mail yesterday and we have already circled a bunch of food we want to try next spring! I miss how much labor intensive work we get done every spring. Lazy-bum mode is not my favorite, which is probably why our home gets changed around so much during the winter…okay, okay, *why our house gets changed around so much all year long. ;)

We have company coming this weekend, a Christmas program at church this Sunday, and next week is Zack’s last week until Christmas break!!

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