Today the sun came out from behind the clouds this morning! By the time we pulled ourselves away from our pajamas, it was back behind the clouds, but it was warm (45o!), so we ran out to play – without coats. Enjoying time outside without a ton of clothes on felt so nice.


Never give up on a hug, P! Amelia has actually become a wonderful hug…giver? She squeezes so tight while saying “Awwwwe.” Two out of two good huggers! I’m a happy mama. :)


After exploring, the girls played on the slide – for the first time in months. They had so much fun. We took our time, but at some point my hands became numb and we heading back inside to make lunch.


The words “on” and “keep your shoes” don’t register to these girls. They are good about putting them back on though!


^  My happy place!  ^


We topped off play time with some soccer. – because we are among the few American soccer fans. Playing it is fun, watching it is right up there with golf…

* As I type this, Amelia is crying (screaming) and Penelope just sighed and said, “Crankier than a sad face!”

Penelope has dress rehearsal tonight!!! So exciting!

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