^  Dancing as close to the music as she can get.  ^

Mondays are our quiet days. The day when I realize a clean home is over rated, taking an hour to eat breakfast is the way to go, and playing with dolls and my girls is where it’s at. Mondays usually include music playing softly throughout the house at all times, no cleaning whatsoever, and a whole lot of quality time with my ladies.


Being fed like a baby is high-larious!  They giggled so hard they could hardly breathe.  Amelia burned through her yogurt, then Mommy’s eggs, and topped breakfast off with Penelope’s grapefruit. That, in addition to her long naps, has me thinking a major growth spurt is on its way.


Chelsea, Penelope, Zerina, Elise, and Amelia. 


The girls received Christmas money from my parents. Penelope picked out a doll house and hasn’t stopped playing with it since we brought it home. She invited the dolls we got for her large doll house to the “best party ever.” She named them this morning. Aside from Penelope and Amelia, the names are from characters from her favorite movies. She is really into a Barbie phase right now. I’ve reached my limit on rented Barbie movies, but can’t help but watch them with her. She thinks they are so silly, and it makes for a fun Mommy-Penelope movie night.

In the picture above she is getting the box to show me the swing set addition that goes to the doll house. She wants to save up for it. :)


We moved the tree up to the front of the house, and our front room (Typically “the warm room”) is now mega cozy!


After breakfast, playing with the doll house, and having a mini dance party, we spent the rest of the morning in the living room. We had a three part Bible study, because one story is never enough. We spent time in workbooks, played a math a game on the ipad, took five potty breaks, enjoyed Christmas cookies with Mickey Mouse (one of Amelia’s choices with her Christmas money – she is just in it for Minnie), and of course, had another dance party! I can’t believe it is not even noon yet!

Our supposed-to-be-warm day is actually a cold-gloomy-rainy one, but we’re making the most the a day inside.

Zack has three more days before winter break! We are soooooo excited!! Over two weeks with Daddy will be amazing!

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