Amelia has been sick for a week. It pretty much involved a lot of sleep, whining, snot, and not so much eating. Monday, she broke out in red spots (not chicken pox), apparently this particular virus is going around. I took her to the doctor, Tuesday, and found out she has a sinus infection and  a virus. Medicine and more sleep seem to be doing the trick.

Wednesday, Penelope woke up with what seems like a really bad ear infection. We’ll be making another trip to the doctor later today.

The last week has look a lot like the photos above. A lot of books read by the fire and board games played in moments of refreshment. Seriously, that has been our week. Fire. Books. Repeat. Wipe noses. Play game. Repeat.

With a cancelled birthday party, our weekend is free and I’m sure it, too, will look a lot like the days before it.

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