Our sweet Rae turned two today. What an exciting two years she has given us!! 


Her favorite food is an apple. She could eat them all day, and would easily chose one over a cookie.

Her favorite activity is brushing her teeth. She sneaks into the bathroom a few times a day to brush her teeth. That is along with the three times she brushes them with Mommy in the room. :)


She adores all things boots, coats, hats, make-up, Frozen, kitties, and things Mom says ‘'”no” to. ;)


She gives the biggest kisses and strong hugs.

When Daddy gets home she greets him with the loudest shriek, quickest, bounciest run, and the sweetest, “Daaaadddeeeeeeeee!!!”

She is just starting to say words we understand (aside from our names). Typically she says words like “[chuckles] Boo Bee Boo” when I put her shirt on, and sometimes in situations of no relation. Lately she has begun to say real words like “hot,” and “Boos” [Boots], “Eas” [Eat], “Kitty,” and “Baby.”


She follows Penelope everywhere and copies her every move. She sits like her, eats like her, and dances like her, and loves like her.

She is such a sweetheart. a stinker. a beauty. perfect.

We love you Amelia!!!!

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