This photo was the last photo taken on Saturday. The last photo of the week, and it was taken at the request of the lady in it. It makes me so happy. She requested that it be black and white, and edited it herself. I told her the steps and she was so proud (as am I!).


This fire has been such a blessing tucked into our tiring week, begging us to stop, snuggle, and make time to truly rest.


My sick baby in warm jammies taking care of her sick babies. I know she is now an official two year old, but lets just sick with calling her baby for, oh I don’t know, the next 98 years? That sounds about right to me.


The doctor’s office. 3 days in a row. Never want to go back again. Ever.


We hung our white board back up, and restocked our marker supply. The girls’ drawing skills have improved drastically in a few days! Ok, well, Penelope’s skills. Amelia’s creativity has been expressed better, even better than with crayons and blank paper.


I needed new art to add to our collection. I enjoy watching them do their magic. Figure out what colors they want to use next. ‘Should I clean off my brush now? No, it needs more pink first.’ Penelope stuck with purple, red, and green for her two paintings. Amelia went all in and used every color on her palette. All or nothing approach.


We rearranged our house a bit. Not much better than a rocking chair by a fire on a cold cold day.  /  This is what a newly healthy four year old looks like!!  /  This is what a recovering sick baby looks like.  /  New painting hung in the kitchen, courtesy of Miss Rae.

image (8)_MG_0081bIMG_0099

We had a small celebration for Amelia with Zack’s family. My nephew shot a gun for the first time, and hit all the targets! Amelia got to spend her day with three grandparents. We ate soup, homemade bread, cookies and fruit. We kept a fire going and spent most of the day talking by it. We played a few games with the kids, and Penelope spent the whole time with Sadie. She was very sad to see her cousin go.

I am desperately praying this week will be better than the last. I feel an ear infection coming on and haven’t had a full nights sleep in at least a week. October was wonderful, I’m hoping November follows in it’s footsteps.

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