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Having a house full of sick people all needing your undivided attention is tiring. Of course, while taking care of sick babies, I became sick as well. I have tried to make our week of feeling icky, fun.  There are golden moments when cold medicine has them feeling good again. I have taken major advantage of these moments!

I decided to clear out our front room – typically our dining room – so we can stay in a fairly clean environment, and test our creativity. So far we have had dance parties, boat rides to Elsa’s castle, played board games on the floor, and set up a tent. The girls have spent a lot of time in the tent watching movies, enjoying snacks, reading books, and taking naps. It has become ‘The Tent Room,” and I can’t bring myself to take it down quite yet.

My girls have never turned away medicine (HOORAY!). This past week they discovered cough drops. Penelope has a very deep chest cough, so she quickly caught on to ‘you cough bad enough, you get cough drop.’ I had to let her know, that every cough does not warrant a yummy cherry and honey piece of ‘candy.’ She started to pass off fake coughs, so I told her only deep, bad coughs get a cough drop, and I have to hear it. Being asked “Mommy, did you hear me cough?” every twenty minutes gets old quick. Right now they are hiding in the cabinet. :)

Our whole family was needing rest more than we knew. Saturday about 2 in the morning, Penelope came into our room and said her tummy hurt. Zack told her to come snuggle, and a battle of who could snore the loudest began. I made it about ten minutes and moved to the couch. Amelia had gone to bed with a t-shirt that plays “Let It Go.” Occasionally it would go off, and thankfully it just woke me up, and not her. That’s a fun song to have stuck in your head, let me tell ya!

I received a text at 9 am that woke me up. I could not believe our house was still silent past 6:30, much less at 9 o’clock! Penelope heard me, and came out to sit with me. She fell back asleep in less than two minutes in a very uncomfortable position. I had to wake everyone up at 10:00 when breakfast was done.

Right now, Zack has the girls coloring & molding clay in his classroom. I’m sure they are enjoying the time with Daddy out of the house!

We’re definitely praying for a fresh, healthy start this next week!

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