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We’ve been busy around here lately. The good kind of busy. Productive I guess is a better word. Penelope has been practicing her sewing skills, and is does really well with it! She is so patient with any task we throw at her.

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One of our chickens, Tree, died last week. An hour later, we took a trip to get 15 more. Ha! Zack is such a good papa to our hens. His dad always wanted chickens, and I think the fascination may be in their genes.

Anyway,  on our way to get chicks, we stopped into a Lion’s Choice for some lunch, and they were having a special on their “Bountiful Baked Potato,” and Penelope thought I should spread the word.

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We make so much homemade pizza, that we don’t see it as a ‘task’ to whip up some dough. I’m so grateful, for not only a husband who loves to cook, but who is good at it!! Homemade pizza is so good!

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Miss Amelia got a hair cut over the weekend, and it is so cute on her! She is just as excited about it as Zack and I are! Penelope insists that she too should get a pixie cut, and I am continually changing the subject. She adores short hair, but I think she should at least try it long once in her life.

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We ( I ) have added geography to Penelope’s ‘curriculum.’ Her first destination, is China. We’ll be spending at least a week, on each place we study. Our first day of it went well, but I definitely noticed I could’ve prepared a bit more before diving in!

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Amelia has been sleeping more than usual lately, due to teething & growing. It has giving me some good, long one on one time with Penelope. We read library books, extend our school time, and play games. I look forward to it and try to get in at least a little bit of time with her each day.

The rest of our week is scheduled and full, which hasn’t happened in a long time! I keep thinking I am forgetting to do something.

My parents are coming for the weekend to watch the girls while Zack and I go out. Not on a date but still out,  and the fact that out night out fell on Valentines didn’t occur to us until yesterday. We’re getting lame when it comes to dating! Ah well, at least we’re still the coolest people each other knows, right?!

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