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I spy, with my little eye, something sweet.

Lately, Zack has had to spend a lot of time after work, at work. We have been spending quite a bit of that time right along side him. We jump at any chance to miss him. Its just too easy of an opportunity to pass up. Snacks + an iPad, join us on our trips up to the high school. I typically just watch him grade papers, while the girls chase each other around the room, draw on the board, watch movies on the iPad, or visit the neighboring art teacher and ask her 573 questions about anything and everything.

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I am in awe of Zack’s talent and creativity everyday! He outdoes himself every time!

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These two and their friendship is unrivaled. She adores her daddy so much. I knew she was a daddy’s girl way back in her infant days. (Amelia is a total mommy’s girl –hooray!!) Hopefully soon things will slow down, but until then, we’ll squeeze ourselves into as many minutes of his life as we can manage!

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