This week has been so fun, refreshing, and calming for me. The weather probably had a big part to do with it. Thunderstorms, warm weather, big breezes, and plenty of sunshine made spring cleaning and outings with the girls seem a fresh kind of special.


In my failed attempts at keeping things in one place for more than a month, I shifted things around a bit and put a hammock in our front room. It begs  us to relax. A hammock, a warm breeze flowing through the window, and the music from the wind chime makes its own kind of magic.

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Over the weekend Zack and I cleared and burned the final half of our woods. It only took eight and a half hours! (That’s a legit ‘only.’ We thought it might take two days.) Zack took Penelope out on Wednesday to help cut some baby trees that over looked. She is such a strong beautiful lady. I cannot wait to see what the Lord does with the gifts He has given her. She’d make a great lumberjack!

DSC_0004 (2)jDSC_0009 (2)j

Today, we had a few sunny spots between storms, and couldn’t bear the thought of being stuck indoors. We went around the yard to see what new flowers and other treasures had sprung up over night.

We found some cantaloupe vines growing in our garden box, tulips and buttercups!

DSC_0014 (2)jDSC_0028 (2)jDSC_0030 (2)j

One girl’s outhouse is another girl’s castle.

I love my princesses.


Evidence. I am always happy to spot deer. Fallen antlers is a special and much appreciated surprise.

Have I mentioned I adore where we live?


Spring is here in full force, and we’re going to enjoy 100 percent of what it has to offer!!!

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