Our week has been the right blend of warm sunny days and days filled with thunderstorms. When the sun is out, we are out! Wednesday we  noticed flowers gad finally bloomed throughout the yard. Naturally, we had to go explore and collect!


No flower is too small to pass over!


I just adore how intently Amelia is listening to Penelope.


Was the loot was sorted through and enjoyed for a second time, Penelope wanted to see them float. :)


Penelope’s shorts got a bit wet…

“Mia, you should try that, its like you peed your pants!”

The outburst of laugher could be heard for miles, I’m sure. –and Amelia doesn’t even know what ‘peed your pants’ means.


They polished off some ice cream with fruit before nap time. I am SO excited for this spring!!!

Today my parents are coming over to watch the girls while Zack and I get some much needed yard work done! I’m considering a vacation! Happy Easter!

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