Here are some photos from the Canon I completely forgot about. Photos of our trip from Tennessee to Charlotte and bits of the girls lounging around before we leave the house to visit friends.


We passed through beautiful towns, full of character, bridges and tons of lakes and rivers!


It has rained off and on our entire trip. Just sprinkles. Most of our journey through the mountains looked like the photo above. Zack and I could never tire if trees, blue sky, and mountainous views!


This baby doll has been amazing! She is patience, pleasant, and so so happy!


Our mornings have been very laid back. Penelope is enjoying cartoons before she gets ready for the day, and Amelia enjoying discovering every nook and cranny of Aunt Sarah’s house. Mama ‘enjoys’ running after her exclaiming “NO! NOT THAT!” multiple times in a thirty minute period. Never gets old.

It just dawned on me that I might have to take advantage of having a Chick-fil-a so close – off to find me some breakfast!!

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