On one of our many trips to the hardware store, Penelope spotted their very last pumpkin on sale. Zack and Penelope made a jack o’lantern the next day and she has been carrying it around since. Each night after Amelia goes to sleep we light a candle in it and read our bedtime stories by candle light.


Amelia has become fascinated with books. She has yet to sit still long enough to have one read to her.

This drives Penelope nuts. Penelope tries to read her a book and it usually turns into Penelope attempting to d r a g Mia back to the book and yelling “Mia! Come here, I need read book to you!”

Amelia 53. Penelope 0.


Penelope is silly.


Amelia has mastered the recorder. Everyone is one hundred percent proud of her. She claps for herself every time.


The girls received a package from their great-grandparents on Halloween. Bookies!!! Penelope snatched them, ran to the couch and set herself up for half an hour of reading. Thanks for the package Paw paw & Dee Dee! We’ll wear these books out! :)


We headed over to the school for some trick-or-treating on Halloween. Miss P was Doc McStuffins, of course!, while A was a wittle plump watermelon.

At the school we saw another girl dressed as Doc McStuffins and her sister was Lambie (Doc’s favorite doll is a lamb). Why didn’t we think of that??


Penelope brought her doctor bag for her candy. We totally filled it. To the brim.

We even saw Aunt Teresa there, pretty sure she snuck her more candy than the other kids… ;)

BONUS* – Penelope as a watermelon two years ago: :

HALLOWEEN '11 (10)

Happy November!!

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