Monday afternoon, while the girls were napping, I was making a banner for A’s upcoming party when I noticed the wind had finally died down.

I went and found our rake and piled up a good bunch of leaves! Thankfully when I barged into my bedroom Penelope was awake.

It was memory makin’ time!!!


Penelope had yet to experience the c r u n c h a heap of dry leaves produces as it is jumped on. As you can see, she took right to it. I am so so grateful my neat & tidy lady doesn’t mind getting dirty every now and again.


P L O P !


After I saw how much fun P was having we went inside and woke Amelia up. Poor lady. She was not pleased, until she saw we were taking her outside! Gatta love a woman who enjoys nature! Amiright??


Penelope enjoyed running around and around the pile. :)


Daddy showed up and the party really got started!

He throws them into the air. 

I can’t compete with this.


I am hoping the weather is nice for Miss A’s first birthday so we can enjoy more time outside with our gals. Most of our trees are now covered in brown leaves or bare. The colors were oh so nice while they lasted.

I have a feeling November is going to be a good month!

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