Amelia is dramatic. Queen of the drama queens. It’s new. She’s trying it on for size. I don’t think it fits, but it’s her new favorite item to wear. Typically I ignore these…fits, but this one was epic and for no reason at all, so of course I brought out the camera! She was not impressed, but at least she had a reason to be mad now!


^  15 minutes in and now a single tear…yeesh.  ^


Penelope helped take photos and then said, “Can you take a picture of us together?”



While Amelia continued her ‘moment,’ Penelope and I did summersaults!

Okay, I did one and felt old instantly.


She followed it up with some twirling. She’s so cool! :)

Amelia never did cheer up and went to bed early, only to cry for another two hours. Poor darlin’. :(

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