Spring Break : : 4

We have had tons of time to spend out in town! There will be plenty more time in town to come.
Not in the mood for having her photo taken…
Of course we’ve made a trip or two (or three or four!) to Target. So far I’ve purchased a dress and a swimsuit. Two much needed things since having my final baby and getting back down to size!
Really interested in this Elmo shirt.
Mickey Mouse skirts!
Before I leave the Target portion of this post, check out this adorably sad video!
On to the mall! : : :
Grandma’s boss gave her the day off to spoil her babies! Hooray! After we played in the snow, we drove ‘cross town to one of the many malls this place has to offer.
What’s Penelope’s new favorite thing? Carousels!!! If she had her way I’m pretty sure she would’ve spend the rest of her day on this horse.
Second new favorite thing? Horsey stamps!
Rangoon thief, hee hee.
Difference #328 between grandmas and mamas: :  Grandmas will spend an hour by the turtle tank to make a child happy, mama is maxed out at four minutes.
Penelope discovered the joys of hiding in the clothing racks. Gray hairs are not too far into my future.
Also, notice the Hello Kitty doll at the bottom right? She was left behind and I did a nice power walk just shy of a jog back to Old Navy to save the day!
Mission accepted and accomplished.
Spring Break 1, 2, 3

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  1. My older sister and I tormented my dad with the clothes racks lol! We felt like the best hide and seekers ever (of course while my dad is panicking to find us lol) good luck with that hehe!


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