Spring Break : : 5


PawPaw and DeeDee took us out for supper at Cracker Barrel! Sadly I passed on grits, now I really want some! You’d think a 25 year old would know when grit regret is around the corner.


Amelia was great the whole time (not a surprise, but worth noting!). My sister gave me two gift cards to Puddle Ducks. We purchased this wonky looking bird for A. It chirps. ;)


I can’t help but enjoy the neat store in front! What is more sad than grit regret? Cheerwine (soda not wine) was passed up as well, well more like forgotten. The girls snagged some pretty awesome goodies while there! I’m sure said items will make their way into a post at some point.

: : :

While on the topic of meals we didn’t cook ourselves, I think I will drag this post out a bit longer…


My sister took me out on a date Tuesday night! Not enough time to catch up, I think we’d need a whole ‘nuther spring break for that!

Shopping, supper and a movie – all in all a great time! No kiddos, but of course we talked about them…a lot.

Spring Break 1, 2, 3, 4

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