Spring Break : : 6

We smelled that smoke and it was A W E S O M E!!!
How great is P’s face??
We took Zack’s mom out for lunch in the middle of the week. We were able to show off Amelia a bit at her work. The receptionist was quickly smitten (as is everyone who meets her!) as A was with her. Girl can spot a Grandmama a mile away. Not a bad super power to have if you ask me!
Who thought to give children coloring supplies at restaurants? Brilliant! Penelope thoroughly enjoys drawing, more so than filling in coloring pages.
They have sweet potato fries! Some of you are probably gagging, but I  L O V E. T H E M.
I am boring and always choose sweet and smoky sauce. They probably just fill the bottle with A1 sauce. Occasionally I will try a sliver of the other barbeque sauces they offer. Zack’s method is blindly grab the nearest bottle and drown all food in its contents.
Yummy yummy.
Even more spring break to come believe it or not!
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