Spring Break : : 7

Aren’t they pretty? Thursday evening I was able to spend time with my older brother and his girl friend. I wish we could spend more quality time with them.
We ate at Max and Erma's. So good!
Afterwards we drove a few minutes to the park.
Joe and Amelia bonded. He held her the entire time at the park. I’m so glad she is surrounded by people who love her everywhere she goes.
Penelope was craving independence at the park. Luckily it was not crowded. I am not the parent who is okay with free roaming children. I just cannot handle it. (When it is my child, not every child)
She had a rough time at the restaurant. Thankfully she cheered up so Uncle “Doe” and Aunt Megahn were able to enjoy the giggly Penelope they are used to.
Uncle Joe and his girls.
I hope we can spend more time with them soon. We will see them on Easter but it will be crowded and the time together may not be “quality” – this of course excludes Joe and Amelia, as I am sure he will swoop her away and hog her the whole time! We’ll make the most of it…
We love you Joe!
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