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To simply say, “We went to the zoo,” would not do our day justice.
A lot of hard work and patience went into making it through our outing without a melt down. Mommy and Daddy would’ve been the ones having the meltdown, just to clarify.
We will most definitely get a sitter for Amelia next time we go to the zoo, or we could just not overlook packing a bottle. Yeah, the last option.
So, a plan to visit the art museum was made because rain was predicted for that day. We awoke to a sunny, warm day and decided to add the zoo onto our outing.
In a rush to get out in that sweet sweet sunshine, we over looked an teensy detail. Our child’s food source. Oops.
We realized Amelia was hungry and we neglected to pack a bottle after about 10 minutes into our museum tour. Forest Park is kind of isolated from chain stores. I panicked trying to think of who nearby would carry bottles. We had to load up in the car and head 2 miles away to the City Sprouts store on the Loop. 16 dollars and one stainless steel bottle later, we were able to feed A – only to realized she was tired, not hungry.
We stopped over at Churches Chicken for lunch. Sounds easy enough right?
After the c r y I n g, oh the crying, the bad timing of everything, the heavy unforgiving traffic, lack of parking, more crying, loading and unloading, Amelia not accepting the new bottle or her pacifier, Penelope and Amelia needing to go to the bathroom multiple times while we were trying to eat, no changing table in the bathroom and having to change my baby on a gross hard cold floor, Mama only being able to get in a couple bites by the time we left Churches, and more crying, I am surprised Zack and/or I had not had a melt down yet.
We cheered up and decided to try the zoo despite the rough morning.
Aside from Amelia crying on and off, and me almost witnessing a girl being mauled by a bobcat, the zoo was great. 
The bobcat just missed her, incase you were wondering. Her dad put her on the inside of the fence so she could be closer…she got real close and I presented him with a mental worst father award.
Penelope enjoyed the Zebras, “Cows”, Tigers and Lions most. She watched the Zebras the longest and we had to entice her to leave them by showing her other animals off in the distance.
She is so sweet.
Craisin break!
I think Penelope needs a proper visit to the zoo sans “Mia”. Time on the carousel? Choo-choo ride? New sea lion exhibit tour? I think so.
Despite the hectic on-goings, it was a wonderful day out in the spring weather with our tiny family! 
Happy Easter everyone!
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  1. Omg there are actually cases of kids who weren't pulled back in time and died because of dumb parents. WILD ANIMALS, people, not the happy crackers we all love to eat.... Was this Miss Mia's first trip too the zoo? Saint Louis is great because there are a lot of free or cheap things to do. There's that indoor mary-go-round at faust park in creve coeur, its only 2 dollars and right next to the butterfly house and a nice play ground :)

  2. Ooh! Thanks! I didn't know about that! Sounds awesome. And, yes it was her first time to the zoo!


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